The International Pharmaceutical Excipients Council was first formed during 1991, in the United States.


Four basic goals were indentified by the original founders:

  • Harmonization of compendial standards for excipients;
  • Harmonization and appropriate GMP guideline sto ensure excipient quality and uniformity since no formal regulatory review and approval process existed for pharmaceutical excipenst;
  • Harmonization and appropriate safety evaluation guideline sfor new excipients; and
  • Effective commuinication and cooperation with producers, excipient users, pharmacopeia officials and government regulatory.


Other issues that required immediate attention concerned:

  • Safety reviews of older excipients
  • Safety assessment criteria for new excipients.


In July 1991, a little more than three months following estabilishment of the International Pharmaceutical Excipients Council in the US, IPEC representatives went to the UK to meet with European based personnel of US IPEC members to encourage formation of an IPEC organization in Europe with similar excipient harmonization objectives. IPEC Europe was officially registered on April 7, 1992.


The Japan Pharmaceutical Excipients Council was officially established on February 20, 1992, in Tokyo. As a result, the Tri-PEC was officially born!


IPEC-China was registered on  July 21, 2008 in Hong Kong as a Non-profit organization to represent the interests of pharmaceutical excipients producers, users and distributors in China.


The IPEC Federation was formally created in January 2010 and is presently headquartered in Brussels, Belgium. IPEC-Americas, IPEC Europe, IPEC Japan and IPEC China are all existing members.


IPEC India was registered on January 30, 2014 and adopted as an affiliate member of the IPEC Federation on February 2, 2016.